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Female Friends



  • To move and inspire communities through regular live Hive’s delivering empowering content, conversations, education and personal enlightenment.

  • To impact statistics of Suicide, Depression and Anxiety globally by providing supporting counselling services that includes crisis and family counselling.

  • To provide unique and exciting volunteer opportunities encouraging our teams to work inside of their own ‘genius zones’ both in the field at our Live Hives and at our Head Quarters based in Canberra, Australia.

  • To open 105 Live Hive locations by 2025 and to deliver music and youth leadership programs that are world first and world class!

  • To inspire our youth, families and individuals to question and break free from conditioned thinking and explore possibilities through curiosity.

  • To open up new conversations in homes that are about purpose and potential giving more people the opportunity to live for ‘something’ worthwhile.

  • To foster a non-judgemental, all-inclusive environment for all who attend regardless of background, beliefs, race or sex.

  • To ensure that all Spirit Hive locations remain non-religious, non-denominational and non-exclusive.

  • To provide a village community for families to find refuge, support, playfulness, enthusiasm, education and coaching.

  • To encourage live participation and connection through physical attendance of Spirit Hive sessions, retreats, conventions and adventures.

  • To provide education around philosophy in various forms, and the development of human potential for all ages from 4 to 104.

  • To create an inclusive environment for individuals to explore their own direct experience of Truth free of religious indoctrination, belief systems or societal expectations.

  • To continuously improve and expand our community services through strategic alignment and partnerships with other services providers.

  • To offer counselling services to those in need through either live discussion at the Hive meetings, or through access to the Spirit Hive Counselling directory online.

Mission: About Us
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