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  • To have Spirit Hive be a household name with a target of 105 locations opened across Australia by 2025.

  • To expand into global communities by 2025.

  • To develop community leaders inspiring change and transformation for all of humanity.

  • To become a voice for personal responsibility in the community placing curiosity, exploration and ‘informed’ decision making into the hands of families and individuals. 

  • To be a resource for parents to draw on which supports the family unit and provides education and direction when needed.

  • To arrest the statistics around suicide, depression, addiction and anxiety in all age groups.

  • To provide a non- religious, non-denominational yet spiritually rich alternative to communities around Australia and internationally.

  • To deliver youth education around human potential and self-enquiry encouraging free thinking, informed decision making, respectful interactions, self-love and self-control for all.

  • To remain volunteer oriented in our staffing solutions giving access to ‘genius zone’ based opportunities globally.

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  • As we are independent of all religious bias or belief systems, Spirit Hive enjoys the inclusion of all beliefs, religions, ideologies and philosophies, and is 100% non-denominational and not for profit.

  • We do not encourage additional belief systems, instead, we encourage the freedom of mind, thought, feeling and action to discover personal truth through our own ‘direct experience’.

  • Welcome to the World’s first all inclusive invitation to collaborate and connect in order to expand, inspire and empower everyone in Your Home, Our Community and This Planet!

  • #allforone #oneforall

Vision: About Us
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