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Dr Karen Demmery is the Executive Director and Chairperson of Spirt Hive.

Karen took over the helm of Spirit Hive in mid 2021 and has a passion and determination to carry Spirit Hive into its next phase.

Spirit Hive was established to create a space that is a resourceful haven for those suffering through life’s challenges including anxiety, depression or suicide. Offering these crisis services is a vital part of the Spirit Hive vision especially when we are in our greatest hours of need. 

This ‘mecca’ for connection, and seeking answers assists in bringing like-minded people together regularly in a live, inspiring, enlightening format. 

Spirit Hives mission is supporting communities through education, the dream encompasses our youth through the Youth Expansion and Leadership Program, Family Connection Program and an Adult Leadership Pathway powerfully carried by a force of volunteers that offer their ‘’genius’ to grow Spirit Hive while expanding themselves and sharing their joy with the community. 

Our volunteers are now able to ‘be of service’, contribute and make a difference in the lives of others in a way they’ve wished for. ​

Karen, as the Director and Chairperson will use her skills, experience and expertise to take Spirit Hive on the journey to also incorporate trauma informed and women's specific programs, allowing Spirit Hive to solidify its place in the community as a place for expansion, growth and support. 

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